Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Swan Pub, Stewkley

The Swan Pub was one of the very first places that my dad and I found.  We arrived in Stewkley from London in record time.  We decided to explore the nearby market town of Leighton Buzzard.  There were several grocery stores, home stores, and a train station.  The narrow roads and driving on the opposite side was a bit unsettling for me.  My dad didn't seem to be bothered by it, as he had been to Scotland for Electric Boat several times in his career.  As it was getting close to lunch, we decided to head back to Stewkley to grab a bite to eat before meeting Jill at Dormer Cottage.  The Swan Pub caught our eye.  It later became a familiar place to us during our stay in England.  The locals were so welcoming and helpful.  One gentleman, Frank was curious about our trip to England.  We had a great conversation as we explained our family's roots in the local area.  He later walked back to his house to retrieve a map that would become more helpful as we navigated through the local roads and roundabouts.  The bartender and waitress were bantering back and forth, creating very humorous entertainment.  I was amazed at how friendly everyone was.  We made plans to head back to the pub for Easter roast the following day.  The locals made The Swan a regular stop.  My dad and I both commented on how we wished that we had this kind of community experience back in the states.  The Swan was a definite highlight on this remarkable trip.  I can't wait to make my way back there on a return trip.


  1. I also did the England trip back in 2003 to visit my relations and to see where my grandfather was born. I am enjoying your photos. We were not near London, although we flew into Gatwick. Your trip looks thrilling.

  2. Hi, I am jealous I wish I could go to England and research my Wheatley's. But, I digress, I am related to the Korab's of Central Village in Ct. Joseph Korab married Marion Wilcox she was the daughter of Stephen Elias (?) or Elias Stephen, different censes had these two names. He was born 1831 and married Eliza S. (last name unknown to me), they had Percy Howard and others but I would like to know who Stephen's father was, do you have the genealogy of this family? If so, how complete is it, I could share with you the Korab side. I have a 26 page report on them. My email is maespage@comcast.net

  3. Maryann, I have a two books that list families in Stonington and Windham County. I will look through those for Stephen Elias and the Wheatleys. I also would love to see the info. you have about the korab side. Thanks,

  4. Steve--Hi, I'm glad you started a blog on your family history. I'm also really interested in my family history, and back in '06 during a visit to the UK I went up to Lincoln to visit the home village of a Puritan ancestor who migrated to New Hampshire in the 1630s.

    The reason why I'm writing you is that even though I live in the DC area I'm a very active member of the North Stonington Historical Society, and just finished a draft history of the Brown family, which were neighbors of the Wheelers for two centuries. I'd like to do a history of the Wheelers in North Stonington, but with a focus on the 19th century. If you have any thoughts or would like to chat about this with me, either email me at TerryBishop624@aol.com or call me at 703-389-3988. --Terry


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