Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jonathan Wheeler Cemetery

My dad and I visited the Jonathan Wheeler Cemetery yesterday to begin part of our "fall cleanup". I am truly amazed at how far it has come! I can remember when I was really young driving down Wheeler road with my father and Grandfather looking for the cemetery. We stopped just below where the Pequot Golf Course is now and pulled off the side of the road. There, we made our way through brush, briars, poison ivy, and other New England varieties. I remember how neglected and buried this place was in the middle of nowhere. I only really began my fascination with family history and genealogy after my grandfather passed away. My dad and uncle were going through the many family stories and treasures and I became hooked. The intrigue and mystery of how ancestors persevered, lived, and died has become a treasured hobby. I only wish that I could spend more time researching, discovering, and writing about their lives. For now, I cherish the time my dad and I spend caring for the little plot of land that holds the remains of my ancestors and their many stories

England, 2010

Our trip to England this summer was fantastic.  We stayed in the Peak District for the first week in a small little village called Monyash.  Our host was very generous and thoughtful.  Bakewell was about 4 miles away and was a definite highlight of our trip.  We missed the open market on Monday of that week, but had fun exploring the side streets and many shops.  Then, we were off to Stewkley, about 40 miles north of London.  We stayed at Dormer Cottage with Jill Scott.  This was the very same place were my dad and I stayed just one year before.  Angela enjoyed both places but preferred the north.  However, she throughly loved the town of Woburn and Woburn Abbey.  This is home of the Duke of Bedford.  His surname is Russell, the same as Angela's Great Grandmother.  Angela was able to trace her family genealogy back to this illustrious family at Woburn Abbey.  It was a special visit.  We had a hard time leaving.  It felt good to be home, but the beauty and simplicity of England is calling us back!