Monday, February 15, 2010

Return To England!

My wife, son, and myself will be visiting England this summer for 2 weeks.  We will stay in Derbyshire, Monyash for the first week, then back to Buckinghamshire, Stewkley for the last week!  My son Jack is very excited to visit the place where my father and I stayed.  He can't wait to meet Jill Scott, our most wonderful host at Dormer Cottage.  I can't wait to show Angela Woburn Abbey, home to the Russell Family.  She is connected to a Sir John Russell from the 1500's that was from Bedford, England.  And of course, I can't wait to share Cranfield with them both.  It will be neat for Jack to see where the Wheeler family came from and to visit the church.   We have British friends that have lived in the states for over 25 years.  They have family that live in Sheffield.  We plan to meet up with them when we are in Monyash.  Angela and I both love Jane Austen, especially the movies that have been about her books.  It will be neat to see some of the places that she mentions in her novels.  


  1. What fun! I would love to go back to England to visit my family in Hartlepool.

  2. Hi Steven, I love your genealogy blog! I'm a columnist for Family Tree Magazine and I'm working on a story about blogging your family history. I wondered whether you'd be willing to let me "e-interview" you about your experience. Thanks for responding as soon as possible with your email contact if you're interested, and I'll send a few questions right to you. Thanks! -Sunny McClellan Morton

  3. My wife and I recently visited Cranfield and the Parish Church also to research the Wheeler Family.
    My wife is a Wheeler in Michigan and maintains the Wheeler Tree here. I see some of your ancestors match hers. You can contact her at
    All the best, John Tucker

  4. Hello cousin. My son and I are researching our family history, and it looks like we have a common ancestor in John Wheeler (b. 1539). He was my 12x grandfather. We are descended from John's son John Wheeler II, while it appears you are descended from Thomas Wheeler. Do you have an on-line family tree? We'd love to see it. We found one family tree on-line where the Wheeler line went back to the year 819 - amazing. Happy to share our information with you. Hope to hear from you.

    - Kurt Fliegauf, Hopkinton, MA (

  5. Paul Wheeler ( 15, 2010 at 10:12 AM

    Hi Steve - I am decended from George Wheeler, Thomas's brother. I just learned of our Cranfield and Concord heritage a couple years ago and am amazed by all the colorfull characters I have come across. They include one who was a member of the Boston Tea Party and another who was standing next to Benedict Arnold when Benedict was wounded. I too am planning a trip to Cranfield within the next couple years when my grandson is a bit older. The info here will be very helpfull.