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My Lineage From the Immigrant Thomas Wheeler, b. 1602 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England d. 1686, Stonington

1.    Thomas Wheeler was b. 1602 in Wharley,Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England.  He was baptized on November 20, 1603 at Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England Church of England, St. Peter and Paul.  He d. in Stonington, Connecticut Colony, on March 6, 1686.  He was buried in the Whitehall Cemetery along the Mystic River.
Thomas’ father was:
2.    Thomas Wheeler b. 1571 at Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England.  He was called the Thomas of the “Town and Wharley end”.  He married Dorothy Holloway on April 13, 1600 at Chalgrave, Bedfordshire.   He d. October 2, 1643 and was buried in Clerkenwell, St. James Church, London, England. 
Thomas’ Father was:
3.    Thomas Wheeler b. 1526 at Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England.  He died after 1574  at Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England. 
Thomas’ Father was:
4.    Henry Wheeler born 1503 at Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England.  His Will was probated on March 17, 1557. (Date of his Death) 
Henry’s Father was: 
5.    (Sir) Thomas Wheler b. 1465 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England d. May 27, 1456 at Wing, Buckinghamshire, England (81 years old)  m. Joan Jane Buckingham(b. 1469 in Wing, Buckinghamshire, England).  They were married in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England in 1490.
**This Thomas Wheeler was knighted by King Henry VII on June 16, 1487 for bravery at the battle of Stoke(Field) Simnel’s Rebellion.  This was the last battle in the War of the Roses. The battle was a victory for Henry's army. To signify his victory Henry raised his standard on Burham Furlong. The spot is marked by a large stone memorial with the legend "Here stood the Burrand Bush planted on the spot where Henry VII placed his standard after the Battle of Stoke 16 June 1487".[9] Henry knighted many of his supporters in the aftermath of the battle. A handwritten list of the new knights by John Writhe survives inserted into a copy of the book Game and Play of Chess.[10] Thirteen new bannerets were created and fifty two men were knighted.
Thomas Wheler then changed the family name to Wheeler after being Knighted. 
Thomas’ father was: 
6.      Henry Wheler b. 1433 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England d. Unknown m. Mary Elizabeth Cole (She was b. 1438 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England d. 1475, Cranfield)
Henry’s father was:
7.      Henry Wheler b. between 1414 and 1416 Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England d. 1470 Cranfield  He m. Mary Wheler(b. 1390, Cranfield d. 1440 Cranfield)
Henry’s father was: 
8.    4.  Richard Welere b. 1399 in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England d. 1439-40 in Cranfield
Richard’s father was:
9.    5.  John Thomas Welere b. 1375 d. 1420 Both in Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England 
John’s Father was:

10.  Sir John Welere, Knight b. 1348 d. 1398 in England.
Ancestral Wheeler Family of Cranfield, Bedfordshire, England, Whose Descendants Settled in Colonial New England. Raymond David Wheeler Publication: Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 94-78109


  1. Hi, I am a descendant of the Wheeler family too. William Wheeler, born Oct 2 1796 in Shrewsbury. He migrated to Australia and married Elizabeth Guy on July 24, 1826, in New Norfolk, Tasmania. Their daughter, Ann, who married Thomas Bilston. I'd be really interested to chat with you further about the Wheeler/ Wheler family line.

  2. I am a decedent of this Wheeler line too. I'd really like to chat with you further about it. Are you on

    1. Hi Louise, I am not on Ancestry, but could give you my email address? Would that work? Would love to speak with you as well. Do you live in America?

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  4. I am new to this blog and hope this is how I can contact Steven Wheeler. I am wondering if anyone has ever found documented proof of Thomas Wheler being knighted. I read about it, but can’t find documented proof.
    Thomas Wheeler b. 1465 d. 5/27/1546. He was knighted by King Henry VII on June 16, 1487 for bravery at the battle of Stoke(Field) Simnel’s Rebellion. This was the last battle in the War of the Roses. Thanks
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  5. In searching the Wheeler, (Welere, Whelere, Wielher, Welert) family history, I find many people have Patty Sue Milk (1346-1400) listed but some have her as Patricia Susanna Milk which makes more sense as the name Patty Sue is odd for that long ago. I can't find any information that validates Patricia Susanna Milk married John Welere (Wheeler) (1348-1397 or 1398). I was wondering if anyone has any documented proof. Thanks

  6. Does anyone know what Steven Wheeler's email address is? I am new to this blog and put a couple of comments but would like to be able to somehow get in touch with Steven. Thanks in advance to anyone that helps.

  7. Hi Barbara, thanks for contacting me. Please email me at that is my personal email address. I would be glad to communicate with you about family history!!!